My introduction to Parkrun… Oh and my birthday! 

C25k went well although it had its challenges, by the end I wasn’t running a full 5km without stopping to walk but at least I was out there running, every run seemed a bit easier but the nerves were starting to set in for my birthday Parkrun! 

I hadn’t told anyone, apart from my wife, that I was doing it.  As ever the supportive wife she had committed to do it with me, so there was no outside pressure. I’d done my research, no surprise there, on timings and figured I would come last. 

To be honest I’m quite happy to come last as someone has too, so why not me? 

It was the 24th of July 2015, when we turned up at Pontefract Race Course with our barcode in hand and listening to the first time runners brief. Everyone around me seemed so fit and you could tell they were runners! I kind of wanted to blend into the background as I knew it was going to be hard and I was certainly out of my comfort zone….

Now, if you say it quick 5km doesn’t sound that far but Jesus, it is, even more so at 9am on a Saturday morning when you should be having a lie in!

From memory, all I remember is that I needed to walk a couple of times and more or less crying when I finished because I saw my wife waiting for me and cheering me on at the end…. She’s much faster than me and had finished a good 5 minutes before me. It was pure relieve and amazement that I had managed to complete this goal that seemed, at one point, not tangible…

I managed to complete my first Parkun in 47minutes and 25 seconds… I guess this was my first experience of getting a PB 😀🏃🏻

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