On a roll but then injury happens ☹️

Following the success of my first Parkrun, I completed another couple of Parkuns and carried on running after the C25k but then injury struck…. 

I’ve had a bad back for years following childhood injuries of breaking my legs at different points. I have very weak ankles and this has changed my bodies alignment. This bout of pain lasted quite a while which meant I couldn’t run as it was too painful. 

Unfortunately, I also took it to mean I couldn’t do anything! Which was daft!

I didn’t run for a good 2 to 3 months and even when I got back to it, it was haphazard with no real structure and struggling to complete any longer than 3km without stopping… 

It was a little soul distroying especially given the work i’d put in…. 

My weight loss plateaued which is not surprising but I was just frustrated with myself! 

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