A new running club

As I mentioned in a previous blog, our PT is a member of a running club that I’d liked on Facebook, well it was now time to take the leap out of my comfort zone and along with the wife, go along for our first run with them. 

Leeds Frontrunners are a gay running club, people ask why do gay people need their own clubs and environments? Well for me it’s simple…. There’s no awkwardness about having to tell people that you are gay and the awkward reaction, it’s easy from the off… You can be yourself.

You know that you will be accepted and no one will be looking down on you, casting judgement. I have no issues with being gay but I do find it easier socialising with other gay people. I have lots of straight friends but there are some things that you find you can’t talk to them about, are they really interested in the latest lesbian film that’s come out? Probably not!

LFR’s meet on a Saturday morning so having set the alarm and got up to go, both my wife and I were trying to talk ourselves out of it… Did we really want to go? What will we talk about? They are all such serious runners? They run, like marathons…. But we did go and after the initial nervous introductions we completed our first run and went for a cuppa afterwards…. 

Was it that bad? Of course it wasn’t and they are a fab bunch of people who are so supportive and encouraging it’s amazing.

Am I lucky that I’ve now found a happy running place? I don’t think so, it’s taken sometime but again I guess it’s what you want to get out of it. The first club we joined did it’s job with regards to a starting position but I don’t think I was ready to be in races every week… It was a large club and I prefer a smaller group.

One thing is for sure, I’m so glad I stepped out of the comfort zone 🙂

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