Additional support….

I’m lucky with my support network, I obviously have my wonderful wife, the love of my life and bless her, sometimes I wonder why she puts up with my rubbish but we really do work well as a team, she’s my right arm.

I have my family, I’m the youngest of 4 siblings and whilst we are not in each other’s pockets, if anything happened we’d be there, no hesitation. As a family we don’t overly show emotion but I know from the little gestures that have been done they are super proud of how far I’ve come. From the odd text, Facebook post, flowers being sent and supporting in training.

I have online support, a friend from uni who I haven’t seen for close on 18 years started, in the new year a group on Facebook called “12 5k challenge” with the idea for people to chart their progress on completing a 5k a month in a bid to complete 12 in a year. Whilst such a simple idea I know I’ve got a lot from this group and the postings that people have made. Some, who have completed the C25k this year and are now running Parkruns and longer runs. This week, there was an idea of getting people together to do a 10km together later in the year… I’ll do all I can to be there and ultimately, what’s another 10km? Lol

Claire, our PT, but I think that’ll be a blog to herself!

On top of this I have my friends and colleagues, who are amazed by the changes I’ve made and how I’ve slimmed down.

I’m grateful to every single person who has and will continue to support me through this 😀

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