Before the 1st session, lets fit in some Parkruns…

It’s a bit of a cliché to start a new fitness regime in January but for me it just happened to fall that way but having been spurred on by our meeting with Claire and maybe the fact that we were a bit scared that we’d said we could run, it was best to get some runs in!

Why not do these on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day? 

So off we went to the Parkruns and boy did it feel good going for a run on Christmas Day knowing that you had already burned off some of the Christmas excess’ before even starting?!  Christmas Day Parkrun had a  ‘Christmas hats’ theme, so off we went, full of enthusiasm….

And we were still smiling at the end….just!

New Years Day….

Smiling at the end, thanks to the fab support of the tail runner that day 🙂

I’m not kidding when I say they were hard, they hurt and on both occasions I was close to tears as whilst I had been able to run 5km previously my fitness had dropped, how on earth was I going to do PT sessions if I couldn’t even do a Parkrun? 

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