Our first session with Claire and not really knowing what to expect, we arrived at our meeting point on a cold Saturday morning, this was going to be our introduction not only to a PT but also interval training. 

The idea being you run hard and fast for X amount of time then recover for x amount of time and then repeat. From memory our first bursts of speed were 30 seconds, boy does this feel really long at the time but in reality it’s not! 

It was hard and at times I could’ve told Claire to do one and leave me alone but with the two of us doing a joint session it did mean that when I was recovering Claire would run with my wife… This did give me some rest bite (not from the running!) to calm down rather than bite and say something I may later regret! 

The session lasted an hour and we were given our first introduction into the importance of stretching, something I’d never really done before apart from in Physio sessions. 

I wouldn’t say my wife and I walked away skipping with joy afterwards, more dragged ourselves back to the car before heading home.

Now I know it’s been said before, but if you could bottle the post run / exercise feeling and either sell it or bottle it for down days you’d make an absolute fortune, but the feeling is awesome and although tired we were on cloud 9.

I think it’s fair to say we actually enjoyed it ๐Ÿ™‚

The stats from the first session are below…

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