How do you choose a PT?

Having decided that a PT may be the way to go, I had another research area but how do you choose one from the various websites and adverts all promising support and fantastic results via different exercises?  Are they really their results or the results of the individual? 

After googling PTs in the local area and looking at some websites and to be honest, some of them scared me but by looking at different ones you soon build a picture of the type of PT you want / need.

I didn’t want to be in a mainstream gym with people looking, I would prefer a woman over a man, I wanted someone who would support rather than see you as a failure if you missed a training session because their life is all fitness, I wanted someone who looked friendly…. after all this person is going to see you at your most vulnerable but also at your highest of highs. 

I found someone I liked the look of and ticked the boxes so after a couple of weeks of re-checking their website, I took the plunge and emailed them…. 

And I waited for a week or so… 

And there was no response! 

I was back to square one….

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