OMG what’s happening to my body?

I was aware my body was changing shape, getting stronger and becoming more flexible but I don’t think I was expecting ever, to get a bum!

Now this might sound strange but I’ve always been big and my legs have never had shape, they just used to go straight down… Hence why at school I used to get called “elephant legs” or “thunder thighs”.

Having discovered my new bum I had to share this… My wife was obviously delighted although I’m not too sure whether she is a bum or a boobs woman!  

Anyway, I digress… 

I shared this news with my eldest sister, however I maybe shouldn’t have done this in a car park… 

My sister decided that she needed to check this out and had a good old feel of my bum… 

Luckily she agreed that I did now have a bum whereas I’d never had one before! 

Needless to say, we were both crying with laughter… My wife and sister in law looking back at us wondering what was so funny!

The thing with this, is that it may sound like such a small thing to have happened but it’s such a milestone in my journey… I’ve proved the bullies wrong and I no longer have ‘elephant legs’ actually along with my bum they do have some definition and shape to them now 💪😀

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