With a new lease of enthusiasm and motivation, we tackle a little Parkrun tourism and off we go to Coventry Parkrun. It’s an undulating multiple lap course in a lovely Park. It’s quite a big crowd of over 650 people.

This put me off as we’d never run with so many people before and never a great fan of multiple laps, there’s something a little depressing about running and being lapped by the front runners. Whilst most will give words of wisdom and offer encouragement you still feel as if you are in the way. This will no doubt always be the case until I’m at the front but let’s be honest, that’s never gonna happen! 

I remember finishing this Parkrun in tears as I came around the final bend my wife had already finished and was shouting and cheering and I think the sheer emotion just took over… 

I finished, again smiling and happy that we could send our stats to Claire having stuck to our training plan 😀

Who said this getting fit lark would be so emotionally draining though?! 

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