The first meeting

It was a Monday night, the week before Christmas and Claire (our potential PT) arrived at our house with a laptop, measuring tape, stepper, a note pad but the most important thing for me… A huge smile and a friendly demeanour…

As an individual, I don’t easily take to people, I need to build up trust and feel relaxed with people… 

However, there are rare exceptions and Claire was one of those, whereby I instantly open up. 

I was honest about where I had been and where I wanted to get too… Conversations that I had only really had with my wife so far. 

After the initial chat and awkward conversation about costs, (what is it about Brits and talking about money?) it was down to business and measurements were taken and fitness tests were completed. 

I think for me this was the reality of my size, but by this point I was down to 17st 7lbs so still way down on my starting weight and although still maintaining the weightloss from earlier in the year, I was still mortified.

We committed there and then to our first session on the 2nd January 2016… 

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