What are my options?

The challenges were set and I was only still running half heartedly once a week, if I was lucky… More like once every couple of weeks if I’m honest. 

I didn’t have the motivation, so what does one do when lacking motivation? You turn to the Internet and research motivation and motivational people…. But the World Wide Web is huge and I got a bit bored!

So to plan B – YouTube! I started finding videos of people who had posted vlogs about their journeys and whilst some were, well a bit pants, some I found were really inspiring… 
This gave me some ideas of not only how to motivate myself but also different ways of getting back into running… 

The gym? Join a running club and meet some running buddies? Get a PT?  Take slimming pills?! Well the last one was obviously ruled out… 

  1. The gym – I’d tried that before, several times and I didn’t really take to it, I’d kid myself I was being really good and then have a take away on the way home… Isn’t that what everyone does? 😉
  2. Join a running Club – well I was already a member but to be honest I found the club a bit cliquey and very race orientated, I wasn’t ready for that pressure!
  3. PT – my wife had a PT before and lost 2st through her sessions and gym going… I was tempted but I was scared of what it would be like… I didn’t want some beefy bloke shouting at me!

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