My first 10km

I remember exactly how this day panned out, I went for my normal session with Claire and after the normal chit chat, Claire asked if I wanted to do a full 10km that evening… Now I was a little sceptical in all fairness and wasn’t overly keen…

We headed down to the running track, where we had been doing a few of our more recent sessions, more for it being a flat area that we could measure distance for my intervals. 

We started off and were gradually adding sprints and recovery when Claire asked again if I wanted to do a 10km again. (She’s persistent!)

I was a little more positive this time, not sure it was the fact that I couldn’t really talk or whether by then the run buzz was setting in!

We completed the first 5km, stopped and stretched. The first 5km was completed running anti clockwise around the track. 

For the 2nd 5km Claire suggested going elsewhere within the park… Now I’m one for my comfort zone so suggested we stay out but to spice it up we run clockwise instead 🙂 I thought this was a fab idea although I’m not sure that Claire was convinced.

Two laps in and I couldn’t handle running clockwise so actually had to go back to running anti-clockwise and all of a sudden my mojo reappeared! 

After a gruelling 25 laps we were done… I was happy to have reached this milestone but I think Claire had just completed her most boring run ever!

In my head, this is what my surroundings were looking like, so I was happy 🙂

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