How I feel at my PT sessions?

Now PT may not be for everyone and being an individual who doesn’t take instruction very well, well very well maybe an understatement… I don’t take instruction! 

It has taken me a little while to get used to this but I guess it’s the same for everyone on a certain level, as you are willing to show yourself at your most vulnerable to a complete stranger, who is only there as you are paying them! On a simplistic level.

On a good day, when I’m pumped and raring to go I’m willing to do anything, within reason, and this is probably why, somehow, Claire has me running up hills at the local Park. 5 months ago I’d never have said this was one of my ambitions! But I love it and keep coming back.

On a bad day, I can degrudeingly turn up and grunt to say hi and not talk for the session. But get the post run buzz afterwards…

On one such occasion my wife had to prize me from the sofa to go and meet Claire. It was a joint session and Claire and my wife were warming up whilst I hung back and a decision was made to go on the trails. 

Well I don’t think Claire could’ve planned it better. She suggested I lead the route… 

Within 20 minutes we were running all over the place, up hills and over rough terrain and a smile came over my face. My mood completely changed and I loved it… Not too sure my wife did but I was certainly buzzing.

There are other sessions when I’m struggling with my food and eating or with work and this has an impact on my training but I can talk to Claire about it. It was during one of these sessions that I was trying, unsuccessfully, to hold back the tears! 

None of this has put me off and would I continue with PT if I didn’t get on with Claire, no way whatsoever! 

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