Olympic Park Summer Series 10km

After months of training it was now time to travel to London to run the 10km Summer Series race at the Olympic Park. This was our ‘work’ race where 16 of us committed to complete whilst raising some money for charity.

For most of us, this was our first race and we were all apprehensive. I was aiming for a sub 1:30 time which I thought would be achievable.

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning, and had we known it would be so hot I certainly wanted have worn so many clothes, when we all met up and warmed up to take part. 

All numbered up we took to the start line. Now the course was a 3 lap course, which as you know I’m not overly keen on but for the first couple of laps it was ok. 

As I was being lapped there were loads of words of encouragement by the leaders. What also made it was that my sister (ultra marathon runner!) came to cheer me on with my niece who was over from Canada.

The most difficult part was completing the second lap, as lots of others were completing their race, and making my way through the crowds to do my third lap. I couldn’t get to the water station due to the numbers but my sister came to the rescue and got some water for me… I was on the verge of tears and was barely breathing but she calmed me down, got me to breathe and relax back into the final lap.

She was my run saviour and once calmed down I really enjoyed the last lap. My sister actually ran the final lap with me too.

Coming round the final bend, the whole group were there cheering me on and willing me to finish. This was an amazing buzz.

I finished in 1:34 which, whilst outside my target time, I was still super happy with given everything. I now have a time to beat when I do my next one πŸ™‚

After a little stretching, I should’ve done more, we facetimed Claire to fill her in… It was like a couple of excitable kids ringing  home to tell their Mam their greatest achievement! Claire’s reaction was encouraging as ever πŸ™‚ although we may have overestimated the amount of stretching we did! πŸ˜‡

It was then to the pub to celebrate with the team before coming home to Yorkshire. 

The next day… Boy did it hurt… 

Note to self… Stretch more! 

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