OMG what have I gone and done? 😉

So, following the high of the summer series 10km, like most runners, I got a little ahead of myself and decided it would be a fab idea to enter some more races and to set ourselves another goal. 

Baring in mind that I’d only done one race and we still had 3 to go, why wouldn’t it be a good idea?

After a little research and a lot of persuasion and of course, checking with Claire as to whether it was a good idea, I have signed both myself and my wife up to the Brighton Half Marathon in February 2017.

I’m looking forward to it in some sadistic way but my wife seems to be a little concerned that we are running not only 13.1miles but the fact it’s along Brighton seafront in February. It’s likely to be super cold and wet but it’s too late now! 😀

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