What next? First batch of sessions have finished…

We’d signed up for 12 sessions with Claire and we were coming to the end of these. We originally did joint sessions and the training plan was to get us race ready for our 10km summer series race.

We needed to make the decision as to whether we extended this and signed up for another 12 sessions.

For us I think there wasn’t a huge debate apart from, whether we would have joint sessions or individual sessions so we could concentrate on different things. 

As I’ve said before, my wife is faster than me and she has a natural fitness from when she was younger whereas me, I’m bigger not as fit and much slower! 😉

Naturally as a couple, we do most things together, so whilst this is a journey for both of us to get fit, it was important for my morale and motivation to look at individual sessions. This isn’t anything new to my wife, but I was beginning to get a bit disheartened because I felt I was holding my wife back. She kept reassuring me that I wasn’t but once I feel like that, I don’t think there was anyway I was going to change my mindset. I found it really hard to explain my feelings as I couldn’t articulate it to either my wife or to Claire. 

As a compromise we agreed to 4 joint sessions and 8 individual sessions. This will allow us to have a joint debrief session after each race and a pre-race joint session before our first race in June. 

This meant that it was more expensive than the first lot, I think the additional cost is worth it to allow us to progress the most and get the best results.

Following this decision, we signed up for the Brighton Half Marathon so we have committed to see Claire now until next March, at least this allows all of us to know where we are heading and get the training behind it.

I am aware that at some point the support from Claire will need to stop but I’ve got a long way to go in this journey to not only to achieve my end goal but also to be able to maintain the life style change 😀💪🏃🏻


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