Intro to my PT – who is Claire?

So who is this mysterious Claire I keep referring too? 

You know how much respect I have for Claire but I guess the easiest way to introduce her would be to use the first words that pop into my head if I had to describe her to people:

Claire is:

knowledgeable, passionate, enthusiastic, empathetic, friendly, committed, encouraging, positive, patient, compassionate, funny, reassuring….

She knows how to push people but being able to read where individuals limits are, but then pushing over these limits knowing that the human body can do more than the mind thinks it can. 

She’s about getting the most out of the individuals and changing plans to accommodate life’s hurdles whether that being holidays (which in our case it normally is!), illness and varying work commitments. Encouraging not only at our sessions but feedback on the Stats being sent, she knows our PBs better than we know them šŸ˜‰

She’s our voice on our shoulder reminding us the technique when we are running… Helium balloon, head up, chest out, arms forward… More important the voice encouraging us to go out in the first place!  

I’m so glad that she was the one to reply because from the initial email response through to now she was been instrumental in this phase of the journey šŸ™‚

Her website will give you more info on Claire herself and her service and qualifications.

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