First experience of being paced!

At this weeks PT session, Claire suggested she pace me at this weeks Parkrun… I agreed but deep down kinda hoped that she would forget! I’d said I didn’t want to know the time she was aiming for as I would just run as instructed…

So the big day came this morning. 

I knew the run would be hard but I was ready although I’d had a bad nights sleep the night before. My legs were fresh as I’d managed to complete my mid week run last Wednesday morning where I’d done 8km before breakfast!

As we lined up to start, I couldn’t see Claire but knew she would be there so off I set with everyone else and within a couple of hundred metres I heard this voice shouting “I’m coming to get you Ali”… I’d been spotted! 

Maybe wearing my Leeds Frontrunners running top was a bit obvious and I didn’t blend in enough! 

So the thing I should point out here is that Claire pushes her two kids around the Parkrun route in a buggy and can still complete the Parkrun in under 27ish minutes! Now my PB at Roundhay is 44:59. 

Claire caught me up and the pacing experience started….  

I wasn’t sure what to expect other than I knew deep down it was going to be tough but I tried to push that to the back of my mind! 

It felt like any normal Monday night session at the beginning however I wasn’t allowed to talk or have a rest! Talking means I’m not pushing myself enough 😉

I had a running commentary of advice of taking the shortest route, head up, use the downhill bits to your advantage, hills are easy given my training… 

I guess the only way to really explain this would be that these would be the positive thoughts that you would tell yourself however we all know the negative thoughts creep in. And they did, Claire would pre-empt these especially when I wanted to walk up the hill of doom on the third lap! 

At the end of the Parkun, Claire asked me which bits I liked / disliked about her talking and encouraging and I was honest with her… If I don’t like it I block it out but on reflection I think it goes in sub-consciously and you naturally react to the instructions without thinking about it. You are putting your trust in this individual to get the best out of you over the 5km distance. 

The thing for me in this Parkrun, I only looked at my watch once, briefly, and that was around 31 minutes. I couldn’t really read it to work out my pace and what pace Claire had set but with the encouragement of “your doing a great pace” I must’ve been doing something right!

There’s no denying it, Claire’s help and advice got me round today in what turned out to be a successful PB and taking 1 minute 7 seconds off my previous time! 

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