A buzz after our hill walk

Our Saturday’s are normally dedicated to Parkruns but yesterday, we went walking.  We haven’t been walking for about a year so we were keen to see how our fitness levels had changed.

So with an air of intrepidation we made our way to Cat Bells car park… It hasn’t occurred to me how big this hill would be but boy was it steep. 

Off we went and whilst it was humid beyond believe, I’ve never been so sweaty walking! we walked and scrambled our way up and when we got to the summit, we couldn’t believe we’d reached it so quickly 🙂 it was a lovely feeling. 

Our fitness has improved considerably since last year and this made the whole thing way more pleasurable, so although I was heavy breathing – my legs didn’t feel nearly as heavy or sore.

We set off to the next summit but unfortunately the most came in and we decided and make our way back down. 

It was a lovely walk and in has rekindled our joy of hill walking and I can see the wife and I going for more. We’ve already decided our UK holiday next year will be Lale district so we can go exploring more 🙂 

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