Hull 10km ✔️

This morning was d-day and the time had come to run the Hull 10km. We stayed in Hull last night and had the best ever sleep, which was quite surprising given that normally we’d be too nervous. I was awake at 2:30 thinking about the race but fell back to sleep after half hour of searching the internet. We had our normal porridge for breakfast, got ready and we were ready to go.

Our hotel was only a ten minute walk so a little stroll into town and the atmosphere was beginning to build. After a last minute toilet break and some much need stretching we went to the starting pens for a warm up…

At 10 o’clock we were off, albeit it took us 8 minutes to get over the line! 

The first 5km I was storming and managed to beat my 5km PB, I had a nice steady pace and seemed to be actually smiling whilst running it.

The water station at 7km couldn’t come quick enough to be honest, it was hot and whilst I only managed to take in a little water it was refreshing and cooled me down 😀

I passed my wife as she headed into the home straight and that was amazing, I cheered her loudly and was super proud that she was storming.

The next 2km were probably the hardest, my legs started to feel like lead and at one point I did think that it felt like I was going backwards but with every step I was getting closer to that goal.

As 9km came I knew I wasn’t far and turning into the home straight and seeing my wife cheering me one was fantastic. As I ran past her I got a quick kiss which spurred me on and the tears started to well up.

People were cheering and kids which their hands out for high fives (which I obviously obliged with!), then it was head up, shoulder back and pumping arms that helped me sprint to the finish line, I don’t think I’ve sprinted that fast before!
When I crossed the line, I had smashed my PB and finished in 1hour and 31 minutes and 28 seconds… I was so happy, over the moon in deed.

After collecting our goodie bags it was stretch time again and this time we made sure we properly stretched.

We rang Claire to give her the low down, again like excited kids to tell her how well we’d both done and it was great to hear her enthusiasm at how well we’d done 😀

Overall, I’d recommend the Hull 10km, the course was nice and enjoyable (apart from the cobbly bit!) and the marshals were awesome. 

I loved it 😀

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