Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Aerial Yoga! 

A few weeks ago, I agreed to go to an Aerial Yoga session organised by one of the running club members.  Well, yesterday was the big day!

I don’t think I’d really thought about what it was going to be like as I’d never been to Yoga and definitely never been to aerial yoga. I’d googled it but resisted watching any YouTube videos and just stuck to looking at photos but these didn’t do any justice to what we actually did!

Having received instructions last week about what to wear and not to wear we made sure we fully complied with this as we head off yesterday. Was I nervous? A little bit but think it was the unknown and what would happen if I couldn’t do it? Would I get frustrated? But ultimately I knew I was in safe hand with our friend who was running it.

It started off by an introduction to the hammock and some relaxation in the hammock followed by a warm up and then into some yoga moves utilising the hammock. Now, I don’t profess to know anything about the moves so I can’t list a load of names of the moves. 

Yes there were some I couldn’t do due to my lack of strength or flexibility but there was no pressure to do everything… I also struggled with trusting the hammock but I guess this comes with experience. 

The thing I did agree with was that the amount of stretch you achieve is so much more than any normal stretching session. The stretch on my spine was exhilarating and who’d have thought I was as flexible as I was! 

Would we go again? I think so, there’s certainly a challenge of being able to improve on the basics and then progress through to the more advance moves.

This is me doing the dragonfly…

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