Leeds 10k ✔️

Today was race 2 of the Yorkshire Season pass…

After not the best week of prep which consisted of 1 session of 3km with stretching as I was feeling ill this week and a leg massage. Not the best preparation which was coupled with a rubbish nights sleep last night.

So we got up this morning and in all honesty I think I would’ve preferred to stay in bed however I knew this wasn’t an option and off we went to Leeds. We met up with the others from our running club for pre-race photos and went to our holding pen.

I was really nervous and way more nervous than Hull and due to the number of people it took us about 20 minutes to even start the race! 

me, my wife and Claire in the holding pen

Then we were off…. I went out way too fast and struggled to slow down… I’m really struggling with setting a regular pace. 

Claire was pacing today and overtook me about 2 1/2 km in and offered a big shout out that I was running strong. She took this picture of me whilst I ran and I must admit I’m well pleased with my leg muscles on display 😀

I felt OK at this point but it soon went down hill!

I did a sick burp and felt really ill, felt like I needed the toilet and as I suffer from IBS I always panic when I feel like this, especially when there are no toilets about!

It passed but by this time I had given in and started walking… Boy is it hard to get running again after walking. The rest of the race was a mixture of  walking / running until the last 400m when I was determined to run back to the finish line. Not a huge sprint finish, just a little one to prove that I could do it.

When I finished, I saw my wife and she knew I wasn’t happy. She met me at the end and I got a massive cuddle and a shoulder to cry on. She’s my rock and I love her for it. I didn’t get a PB but I’m happy with that after all I’m glad I got round in 1 piece!


  • my head and heart wasn’t it in
  • I felt sick half way through 
  • There were too many people
  • It was a boring course
  • My legs ached like they’ve never ached before

Positives and there should always be some 🙂

  • I ran it faster than London even though I walked for about 3km
  • I finished it and whilst at one point I thought my head had won and wanted to quit my body carried on going

Here’s to the 7th of August and York as the last race of the Yorkshire Season pass 😀

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