What a difference 24 hours make

After such a rubbish race on Sunday with not even a glimmer of a post run high (apparently you don’t get them if you have a rubbish race!) yesterday I had my session with Claire whereby we were planning a gently paced recovery jog followed by some Yoga…

As I said in my last blog, I’m rubbish at pacing so the plan was a 9min / km pace… So setting off on a gentle jog it began to dawn on me that my pacing is all over the place and ranged from 7:30 to 9:10 depending on when I looked at my watch! So more practice is required!

We went to the end of my village and up a long hill and it was such a buzz… Last time I tried running it I struggled and had to walk, not last night I was buzzing… I certainly got a post run buzz but if anything I got an “in run” buzz… When everything is flowing and you feel strong, even if I was recovering from Sunday. 

Below are my stats for last night with an overall average pace of 8:41… There’s still lots of room for improvement…

After the run I undertook my first ever Yoga session, so whilst I’ve done Aerial Yoga I’ve never done yoga. 

Wow is all I can say, it was fantastic and I’d never really appreciated how flexible I actually was. I managed most of the poses we did and only struggled on a few where it involved kneeling and that was purely because of my knee! But the best bit, yoga in the garden with the birds singing and the atmospheric clouds… The joys of living in a rural area.

This morning I feel sore but I think that’s purely down to stretching muscles I never thought existed! 

On top of the world 😀

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