Hate it but I love it

On Wednesday the wife and I along with some friends from the running club decided to take part in the Golden Acre Relay which is a race consisting of 3 members per team each running 2.75 miles on a trail route. 

Now on paper this sounded like fun…. Then we arrived to register!

OMG it looked so professional with all the different running clubs there with their hoodies and club flags…. And then there were us!  

After much deliberation of whether we should take part or not it got to the point that whilst we were intimidated we had to run to prove it to ourselves that we could do it.

After the run briefing it was time to line up and as I was doing the first leg so off I went to line up. 

Claire and I were chatting on the start line and before I knew it we were off… OMFG the first hill was tough by the time we got to it I was already a good 10 to 20m behind let alone when I got to the top!

I knew I was going to be slow compared to the others and hoped to complete the lap in sub 40 minutes. 

The course itself could only be described as tough and with multiple hills, mud and tree roots it hurt but I flipping loved it! 

I admit I did walk sections of it but coming around the last few bends to everyone cheering me on was fantastic. 

Yes I did get lapped but I think I managed to finish before any of the teams manage to finish in total.

My wife and mate did their lap and we all managed to finish, I’m so proud and glad that whilst all 3 of yes were a bag of nerves we managed to do it 🙂

Ultimately, if it wasn’t for the fact it was a race and it was a leisurely run it would’ve been even better 😀

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