What a week

Monday was just awesome in two ways:

1 – I reached my next weight goal having plateaued for a while and struggling to loose the last couple of pounds… 

The lack of myfitnesspal and the draw of a sweet tooth is not helping!

2 – I got a promotion πŸ˜€

Now this is amazing on both levels but it now exposes me to a number of challenges associated with my training and the stress / pressure of my new role. 

I’m likely to be away a lot around the country and traveling late so I’m aware I need to get my head back focused on the eating side of this transformation and not let things slip. I can’t use this fab chapter in my working career as an excuse not to maintain my lifestyle change.

Myfitnesspal is starting again on the 1st of August and I then have 5 months to loose another stone, so just under 3lb a month… 

It’s doable but it’s gonna be hard.

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