What’s happening?

Where to start?

It’s been a weird couple of weeks… From being on the buzz of a really good free run the other Sunday to now 10 days later feeling rubbish as I’ve not been for a run since with aches and pains in my legs and recovering from a twisted ankle and the effects of not doing my ankle exercises! 

So to dissect this bit by bit:

– no run – why? No idea, I’ve not really felt motivated and been very lazy. It’s been hot and I hate running in the heat but that’s just an excuse really! I could real off more but it’s the lack of motivation that’s the killer. I honestly think the lack of running is causing the achy legs 😕

– twisted ankle – I twisted it last week and in fairness it’s still a bit sore. What hasn’t helped is not doing my ankle exercises every day which I should’ve been doing. I have really weak ankles and if I don’t do my exercises they often turn and then I limp and it hurts my back. 

The joys of having broken both ankles in the past! 

How do I get out of this mindset especially as I have the York 10km next Sunday and a 5 mile race a couple of weeks later?

Monday the 1st August sees me start logging my food on myfitnesspal again which I think will help with ensuring I’m fuelling my body correctly and gets me on the path to aiming for my next weight goal. I’ve not done myfitnesspal for 2 months and I can definitely feel and see the difference.

I am going to do 3 runs this week… 

Tomorrow – 5km (local)

Monday (no PT as Claire is away) – Ponte Park – 2 laps of the race course and 2 laps of the lake 8kmish

Wednesday – 5km (local)

Hopefully this coupled with daily exercises and adding in some planks I’ll be ok for next weekend… Hope I’ve not left it too late 🤔

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