Mixed feelings 

So it’s been over two weeks since my last blog and what a rubbish 2 weeks it’s been! Ok that might be an over exaggeration… The 1st week was ok with a couple of runs including the recovery trail run with Claire and then a run around Pontefract park. Had a mini meltdown of things getting too much for me but set some really good goals with Claire. She really helped break everything down into smaller pieces… I’m back logging food via Myfitnesspal and my main thing was to be honest so I can have an honest conversation with Claire about what’s right and wrong. 

I weighed myself and lost another 2lbs so down to 15st 12lbs… I can’t believe it… It’s all going the right way. 12lbs to loose before the end of 2016.

I’ve had some really good days but given my new job I’m finding meetings difficult with the number of biscuits on offer!

I even had Jammie Dodgers last week but what’s daft is that I don’t actually like Jamie Dodgers! What a waste of calories 🤔

Today’s meeting was full of plates of biscuits followed by a buffet. I resisted all the food and actually ate my packet lunch I took with me after the meeting. That was a bit weird with everyone else eating but I suppose I’ll get used to it! I need too 😀

All was going well with my new routine until last Saturday I pulled something in my back! 

Absolute agony! This last week has been me walking like John Wayne. I struggled through til Thursday when I could get a massage and boy did it feel good to release some of the tension. It’s still not right but it’s getting there. 

With this injury it means I’m not running and actually had to pull out of a race on Saturday that my wife ran in which I was gutted at. It was hard spectating and not taking part. 

This week will be more of the same, letting my body recover before starting on our half marathon training. I’m hoping to go for a run on the weekend but want to make sure my back is fully better so as not to make it worse.

There is an option to go swimming and hopefully I can fit this in around my work diary…. 

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