Nice to be running again

Today was the day that I had committed for going for my first run after putting my back out 2 weeks ago.

After my massage over a week ago, coupled with multiple days walking around London my back feels like it has been getting stronger and (touch wood) has been pain free for 4 or 5 days.

So off I went this morning, had planned to do 2.5km as a starter but I actually managed 3km as I did a slightly longer route. 

Whilst I was glad to be out, I did feel sluggish and my legs were feeling a bit weak. To be honest it felt like my legs were trying to carry my old 20st self although I’m currently under 16st! This is probably an over exaggeration but that’s certainly what my head was saying! 

I’m glad I went and felt good to be back running and fingers crossed the back holds out for me 😀

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