Spring in my step

It’s the 1st of September and I certainly have a spring in my step on the way to work today…. Putting aside the aches and pains from PT and running this week!

So why so good you ask? Well…. After my steady 3km on Sunday as my first run back after my bad back, I had my session with Claire which consisted of me going for a run before the session and then some weights followed by a yoga session in the garden. 

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to do some weights as my skin was a little saggy and needed tightening up…  I also wanted to feel like I’d done a hard session so made sense to go for a run before my session. I was certainly out of my comfort zone, however Claire made me feel at ease and I could go so far as saying I enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed the yoga afterwards… Although part of this maybe because we do it outside 😀
Wednesday’s are normally the mid week run time and the plan said 6 to 8km. I wasn’t convinced that 8km was the right decision given if only run 2 x 3km recently after having a couple of weeks off but after some advise from Claire I was up for it.

I have a deal with Claire that should I want to do the shorter distance on the plan I need to get permission beforehand! 

So off I went on my run and trying to be good and pacing myself so I didn’t set out too fast, I had the 8km route in my head… End of the village, 3 x round the golf course, end of the village and back home. Well… My body was ready to give up after 3km but I broke the run down into smaller sections taking each phase in its turn and not trying to plan too far ahead! This strategy certainly worked until I got to 6.5km when my back and hips started to ache, at this point I decided not to do the extra 1km to the end of the village but instead headed home, I managed 7km and then walked the last bit. I was exhausted but so proud of myself for being able to complete it. Not super fast but glad to get the distance in and especially on such a hilly route!

That brings us to this morning, yes I am a bit sore this morning but nothing a bit of stretching will sort out later. More importantly I weighed in and pleased that I’ve lost just over another lb so I’m down to 15st 10.9lb and I’m well on track to be under 15st by the end of the year 😀

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