On holiday and time for reflection…

It’s been a while since my last post, work and life get in the way, in a good way but with being on holiday this allows for a little reflection on what’s going on.

As I’d said previously, I wanted to concentrate on weights with Claire , which I’m now doing. We have got into the routine of me going for a run before our session, doing some weights followed by a short run or Yoga. 

Let’s start with the weights… wow! 
After 3 weeks of doing these I can already feel the difference. I wondered whether doing weights would be a waste of a session but it’s not, I do various weights and various reps and I honestly think I wouldn’t have the discipline to do independently. Now I’m not going to represent Wales in the commonwealth games or Team GB in the Tokyo olympics but I can honestly feel the benefit already. 

After my 2nd weight session Claire and I went running and boy could Claire see the difference in my running style and speed. It’s interesting how she’d noticed how well I’d improved during the summer months and even more so from our first session in January when apparently my sprinting was the same speed as my shuffling! I swear it was wasn’t though πŸ˜‰

Yoga has been the order of the day on two sessions and I love it. It completes the session especially if I’ve been running before the weights session. I’m getting better at knowing the poses and also getting into them. Would recommend yoga to anyone, it’s amazing.

The original plan was to do weights until going on holiday but honestly think it would be worthwhile continuing with them for a while. Anything I can do to increase my strength can only be a benefit as far as I can see.

When packing for this holiday, the wife and I made an executive decision not to bring our running stuff with us, we decided that we needed the rest and we’d go walking. This was an excellent decision as it stopped any procrastination over whether we should run or not and has allowed us to relax a bit more and enjoy the walks we’ve been on.

Back on Saturday and planning a Sunday morning run as a reward πŸ˜€

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