Putting things off

This blog is a prime example of putting things off, I decided on Sunday I needs to write a blog about what’s happening with me and it’s now Tuesday evening and only just doing it!

Why have I put it off? Because I know this blog is going to be difficult to write… basically I’m struggling / demotivated but have no idea why. I’m an organised control freak so struggle when things aren’t going my way or things are disorganised.

Now I can sit here and list a load of reasons why things aren’t going right but ultimately they are just excuses… yes work is busy, yes I’ve been away on holiday and away with work, yes we’ve been busy on weekends but this is life! I need to prioritise my health and wellbeing… but how do I flick the switch that switched in Dec 2014 which started me on this journey? 

A similar thing happened last year before getting a renewed kick start when we signed up with our PT…  again am I using this as an excuse?

The stupid thing is, I really enjoy my runs and I even rediscovered my love for swimming last week too. I want to go to spinning class, as that looks like fun. Am I trying to over complicate things and that’s why things have gone pear shaped because it’s no longer organised? 

I’m loving doing weights and I’ve never had muscle definition in my arms before and my legs are getting stronger so again another big plus which I think will help with my running.

Should I just concentrate on one thing? But then I think about the running and the training plan and I’m scared… there’s some big mileage coming up… am I capable of doing it? Should my plan be the same as my wife’s even though she’s much stronger than me?

Along with this, my eating habits are rubbish at the moment… again I could list the same excuses as above but I need to take responsibility for the decisions I’m making. 

Not sure how to resolve or “flick the switch” again, maybe it’s a case of re-prioritising and organising my mornings / evenings in conjunction with my work diary and looking at our weekends and making sure I fit something in…….

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