Smashed it 

I was in high spirits today before going to see Claire, I had the most productive day in work for a long time, no meetings and no conference calls just a full day of getting my head sorted and finishing my to do list. Whilst this list is long and not necessarily in order at least I have a list now… part of the problem is that I’ve started a new note book in work… always takes me a while to get organised! 

So when it got time to meet Claire I was in kinda good spirits, my head was in the right place, that’s for sure! So we started with a warm up and some sprinting then we reached THE hill. Now this is the hill that I had the goal of running up, without stopping, in 3 weeks time, well today I SMASHED IT! Yes I made it up the hill in one go… I may have felt like I was gonna die at the top but I made it and 3 weeks before my target! So what’s my next challenge? Run it faster? Or run it, then run down and then run back up it?  Let’s go for the later 😀 I’m sure Claire will be up for it 💪

The rest of the session my legs felt like they had certainly worked hard! 

Loved it though 😀

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