Gave into temptation 

Following my blog that I wrote after my last session where I suggested the challenge to run up THAT hill twice.. well tonight I gave into temptation and did it… yes I ran up the hill twice! 

Now considering my legs were feeling very stiff following my 10k run on Saturday and the gardening I did yesterday, my legs held up and actually they feel quite loose! Although I doubt they’ll feel like that tomorrow.

I really enjoyed tonight’s session and in all honesty I enjoyed it so much that afterwards it didn’t even feel like I’d had a session, although I know I worked super hard.

The problem I have now is that I’ve smashed my goals way quicker than I ever imagined so what’s next? 3 times, well that’s doable and how much of a challenge is it really?

So what can my next challenge be? I’m tempted to say 5 times… 🤔

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