Reflection time

To set the scene slightly I’m stood on the train platform waiting for my train to London keeping warm care of a Costa Skinny Latte… the Christmas cups are out and it’s amazing to think we are now into November… so much has happened this year and with 2 months remaining of the year still a lot to achieve and accomplish.

Both mentally and physically I’ve changed, I’ve dropped close on 2 stone this year and developed not only a bum but definition in my arms, calves and more recently my thighs! My wife said to me the other day… “Ali, your back and sides are solid!” Now this is a new phenomenon for me.. to be described as solid! Now don’t get me wrong I still have lots of flabby fat bits but you have to take the compliments when you can get them 😀

Mentally, I have a purpose in work again after a quiet first half of the year followed by my promotion in the summer. 

I’m also leading the creation of an LGBT network in work which is proving eye opening. My name is certainly getting out there in the business and not just my part of the business but as a group. This is daunting as I’ve never done this before but why not give it a shot. I really get why a Network is important and having previously wondered why there wasn’t one I’ve been lucky to be given this opportunity and I’m thriving on it.

With the added pressures of the promotion and my current role, I’m feeling mentally stimulated at work and I truly believe that this satisfaction is benefiting my current attitude to my training plan. Which is giving me the physical benefits which in turn provides the mental clarity. The circle of endorphins 😀

All I can hope for is that this isn’t short lived and I continue to strive and thrive in what I’m doing, or at least learn to handle it better when things are going slightly off plan and not to get disheartened. 

Here’s to a fab end of 2016 😀

PS – this wasn’t the BLOG I set to write today! *heads off to write the one that was meant to be written!*

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