Must be a train thing 

I’ve just taken my seat on the train to London and it has occurred to me (for not the first time) that I have way more space in the seats than I used too! 

It’s moments like this that I treasure as I recall how uncomfortable I used to feel on a train hoping that I was by the window so as I could cuddle the window enough that I didn’t overlap onto the seat next to me. Or even better have no one sit next to me. Made worse by the tutting and huffing making out that I was a second rate citizen by the person who was allocated to sit next to me, just because I was fat.

Now in fact it’s different… no cuddling the window (although I do like to sit by the window) and more space without any thoughts of encroaching onto the other persons space. It makes me smile every time I sit on a train (which is a lot!).

So next time you are on a train sitting next to someone who is bigger think about how they feel and don’t go tutting or huffing… it hurts.

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