The last couple of sessions

It’s been a while since my last blog and it’s been an interesting (?) time…. 

I had a couple of weeks off from sessions with Claire due to my wife being being ill with a migraine and my natural reaction to make sure she was ok and this coupled with a mad few weeks of traveling all over for work meant I was knocked for 6 slightly.

Last week I did a hill session but in all honesty all my sessions turn into a hill session! It was a difficult session as I’d had a couple of weeks off and then my legs felt like jelly after the mamouth hill that lasted for over a mile! With such words of wisdom as “we’re nearly there” to “it’s downhill after this section” needless to say my motivation and excitement dwindled slightly! 

After the session I felt rubbish… I was beating myself up because I’d had to walk back the last 1.5 miles because I was so light headed, like you feel with a lack of sugar. That certainly wasn’t the case given the rubbish I’d been eating!

No additional sessions completed last week due to work stresses and availability to do something. Long days and not much sleep makes me one grumpy Bowen! Oh and add to this my period!

Yesterday’s session, I’d decided that I would go with the flow and leave it to Claire to determine what we were doing… so we did sprinting and some more hills. I enjoyed the sprinting although the cold air down my lungs was sore… the first hill was good but the second one I struggled with… the realisation? If you put shit in your body, your body won’t respond to what you want it to do and you feel like pants! 

The thing being is I get really pissed off with myself and beat myself up about stuff when maybe I should relax a little and appreciate the things I am doing right… which might not be much at the moment but at least there are some good bits in there 😀

28th November hill session:

5th December – hills and sprints

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