Run to Parkrun, do Parkrun, run home – after 

The before BLOG was written and now it was time for last minute toilet trips and a pep talk from Claire and tips on pacing… don’t go too fast on your way there…. but most importantly enjoy 😀 I kissed my wife goodbye as I stepped into the unknown. 

Step 1 – run to Parkrun

The weather was great, dry and warm enough to wear short tights. As I headed to Parkrun I was feeling good. I’d only ever run the first 2 miles on this route before so again lovely to have a new route but wow, those hills! 

Whilst running I was totally aware I was propably running too fast but  it didn’t bother me as I was smiling and enjoying every step.

As I got to the park, it was awesome to think I’d run there… yes this overweight 30 something had run to Parkrun to do Parkrun 😀

Smiley face arriving at Parkrun

Step 2 – do Parkrun

We were all lined up waiting for Parkrun with the RD giving out our instructions… then we were off. I was comfortable knowing that although no one else knew I’d already run 5km to get here so I didn’t have the internal battle with myself around pace or how long it was going to take me to complete. 

After the lap of the lake and up the first incline (not really a hill!) I was comfortable knowing that the tail runners were behind me and I was at a pace whereby I was only running against myself. Down the hill and along the straight before turning to come uphill.. this bit hurt. My hamstrings could certainly feel that I’d run a lot of hills that morning plus it was mile 5 to 6 which are always hard. 

Just as I was beginning to encourage myself out loud, Claire came running down the hill to find me having completed half of the Parkrun with my wife. With some encouragement and some dodgy singing from Claire I got to the top of the hill and only had the lake left, no great final sprint as I knew once I’d finished I’d have to run home!

We stopped for a quick selfie before stretching and then continuing on our challenge 😀

Step 3 – run home

OMG was this hard…? my feet were killing (never wear new shoes to walk around London, let alone the day before a big run!) my blisters felt on fire and my legs were so stiff. 

There were multiple stops for stretching and moments where I just wanted to walk but with the support from Claire, whilst I walked for about 200m in total I did jog the rest. 

As we reached the brow of the last hill, we could see the end in sight, next doors car parked on the road…. then as we got closer I could see my wife smiling and chatting to my next door neighbour.. the relief I felt when I reached home was amazing – smiles all around and a quick selfie to celebrate before the twirling began with a pint of cold squash.

It hurt to stop to it hurt more to carry on! After a quick refuel it was some stretches and a nice hot bath to recover.


I’m so proud that we managed to do this challenge. It seemed like such a good idea when I came up with the idea and whilst it was hard it’s fantastic to see how far my running has come in the last 18 months. I was chuffed that not only I could share this with my wife but also ClaireClaire certainly got me back that last 2 miles. Whilst I didn’t want to move, the trick of the next tree, next gate, just jog slowly, keep the motion… certainly got me home 😀

Would I do it again… yes probably… I now have a time to beat however I’d need to time it better as I think the stopping and waiting in between probably didn’t help…. here’s to next time 😀

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