A bit of a catch and realising that what goes down must come up…

After the miracle of completing the “run to Parkrun, do Parkrun, run home” challenge on Saturday morning, Sunday was spent walking a little bit like John Wayne but happy in the knowledge of why I was like that. 

Monday’s session was a must needed yoga session with lots of stretching and breathing. I felt like a new person and on Tuesday, although I’d driven for 3 hours, I felt like I had new legs and commented that it felt like my hamstrings had grown by 6inches! 

Wednesday morning is decided to do a quick 5km in the morning before breakfast and boy did I realise that what goes down must come back up but with this comes the bonus of a lot of PBs by taking advantage of the downhill sections 😀 

So a very happy bunny and a great little run 😀

Elevation of Wednesday’s run

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