Christmas Wild Card run with hurricane Barbara! 

I missed my session with Claire on Monday due to work commitments in London but managed to arrange an alternative time yesterday, which I was quite happy about. I enjoy my sessions with Claire they are certainly challenging but what I get out of them is indescribable. 

I digress after suggesting a ‘little trail’ as we were meeting during the day, Claire suggested a ‘Christmas Wildcard’ of 6 miles around Harewood House… I agreed and the time was set.
As I was sat at home waiting to leave the start of the impact of Hurricane Barbara was hitting West Yorkshire… undeterred I set off to meet Claire as the wind was swirling to the point of not really know what direction it should be coming from!

The first part of the trail was fun… catching up or at least me having a rant and clearing the head of the weeks pressures then the first long hill… in reality this one wasn’t too bad and a nice downhill followed but it was after the long flattish part, coupled with a long downhill meant that we would need to come back up…. unfortunately this is when Barbara decided to make a decision on which way she would blow so for the last mile (uphill) we were running into a firm headwind! 

It’s not surprising my legs were feeling heavy and tired by this point… I was glad when we reached the top and the end was insight.

Lots of stretching when we reached the end to try and loosen the calfs off a little and then it was back to the car….

Just as we got to the Barbara let rip and the down pour arrived… so glad we’d made it back to the car in time and had only had a small exposure to the rain during the run!

In summary, Hurricane Barbara is not invited to run with us again! 

Up hill into hurricane Barbara’s headwind

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