The elephant in the room 

This is my first blog of 2017 and now beginning to get back into the normal routine after an enjoyable festive break. For me, it was the right mix of family, time at home and friends time. 

Went a little mad with food but I’d already made the decision before hand not to get to upset by what I was eating and to enjoy it and the proviso I kept my running going over the period…. slight problem, I did my back in again!

Last week when putting our food shopping away I twisted wrongly and my back gave out, it’s now been a week since it happened and whilst it’s improving I’m getting a tad frustrated that I can’t run, especially as the Brighton Half is NEXT month! I’m trying to not get too stressed and recover properly and not start running too early but it’s hard.

On the plus side, I’m committed to myfitnesspal again, been logging my food and I’m being honest and it’s made me realise that there’s a number of different food groups that have made their way back into my diet, these are now being taken out and our next food shop has already been amended. For me it’s, been a big realisation. I think it’s helped I’ve been working at home all week so it’s baby steps to get back into the habits that I had before. 

We’ve also been listening to Mind over Fatter by Anna Richardson again… the switch certainly flicks with this somehow.

This weekend I’m having a cooking session to get some pre made meals in the freezer again so our evening meals become easier, it was great having some homemade chicken and veg soup today for lunch 😀

So whilst it’s not all good with the injury, I’m getting myself sorted with food 😀

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