Back to it

3 weeks since my last run and today was my come back run. 

My recovery from my bad back was slow but following a couple of session of Bowen technique which includes realignment of different parts of the body along with plenty of movement and ankle exercises my back, after two weeks stopped hurting.

It was Thursday this week when it stopped hurting, so made the commitment to go for a run today. 

Today came and I was nervous but excited to be going out again. I purposely planned an out and back so if at any point I needed to stop I could turn around and come home.   

So off I went and managed to go the full way to 2.5k and turned around to come home. I was feeling positive as I was relaxed and relatively pain free. I had a couple of twinges but nothing more than usual really.  

I felt like I had a steady pace and didn’t push it but I couldn’t resist it as I came into the home straight and stretched my legs out and had a bit of a sprint 😀

As I walked through the front door when I got back, I was beaming. Absolutely loved it and felt great for being able to run again. 

I now have 6 weeks to get race fit for the Brighton Half Marathon – I’m getting a bit nervous as the furthest I’ve run so far is 9.5 miles. This week I’m planning on completing my January challenge, along with a 5k and Parkrun on Saturday, that should then give me the foundations for me to do a couple of long runs along with the 10k race we have booked for the beginning of February. I’m running out of weekends but I’m determined to succeed on this one 😀

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