Hell in the form of a treadmill

OMG how do people run on a treadmill? My first experience and OMG is it boring, soul distroying and so much harder than going out on the open pavement!

If I ever suggest to go on a treadmill again, please remind me to read this blog! 

I was kinda up for it, having woken up late this morning, we missed the opportunity to go for an outdoor run and I’d wanted to do two runs this week prior to Parkrun on Saturday. After my 2 hour afternoon snooze I thought I’d go to the hotel gym before going for dinner. 

The gym itself is nice but when on a treadmill which is in front of a window which is very reflective all I could see was myself running and getting sweatier and sweatier! Way different to the nice rolling countryside at home! 

I didn’t like the pounding noise, nor the heat in the gym nor watching the time pass…. it’s a bit like an American chain gang digging all day…. (I’m assuming this as for clarity I’ve never been part of a chain gang, or any gang for that matter!) added to this every time my foot touched the treadmill I could feel a twinge in my back… this is not good half marathon training.

Now back in the hotel room and I’ll go for an outdoor run on Thursday….

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