Challenge 1 – run 5k on the beach*

The background to this challenge was that it feels romantic (?) to run on the beach and with the thought of our winter sun break to Gran Canaria it would be even more romantic. What I didn’t realise is that Gran Canaria doesn’t have a huge number of beaches! 

We stayed in Agaete which is a small rocky harbour town with 1 hotel and a few restaurants. Whilst the scenery and tranquility of the area is amazing, it means there is no beach!

We did find a beach in Maspalmos which is an hour and a half drive away! It was a lovely beach and part of the natural park:

We went for a walk on this beach and had a chill out. Didn’t have running gear so couldn’t run here.

So the challenge is one of compromise, 5km along the path next to the sea… and with the scenery of Agaete it would, in theory, spur me on!

As we awoke this morning, a quick time check confirmed we had enough time to fit in a 5k before breakfast finished being served. So off we went, I set off first with my wife following. 

The route was already planned out,  some Road by the hotel, then down to the path by the sea, passed the natural swimming pools and then head into the harbour and back to finish the 5k before the hill back to the hotel. 

I could feel myself going fast, I think my stride length has gotten slightly longer following my Bowen Technique treatment. It was hard going though, the scenery certainly wasn’t spurring me on, my music was inspiring me and I just wanted to get it finished! The only plus side was that I was happily catching up the walkers and over taking them – always a pshylogical advantage!

As I stopped my watch at 5k I saw that I had knocked over 4 minutes off the last 5k I did on the weekend and on close examination of my Strava stats… my average per mile was 13:25 (fastest ever!).

I told my wife and she was convinced it was my 5k Pb too but I wasn’t convinced, after a bit of checking…. turns out she was right, my 5k PB is now 42:07 πŸ˜€

So whilst the run was not the best some fantastic positives to take from it 

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