Parkrun tourism and a discovery 

As part of my return from injury, i’d committed to taking part in a bit of Parkrun tourism as we were visiting my parents in Telford.

I hadn’t done this parkrun before but my sister had in the past and said it was quite a nice route, one small lap followed by a big lap… the website said flattish. 

Now we arrived a little late, scraping the ice off the car and stoping for petrol were not necessarily part of of my pre-parkrun prep. As we parked up and headed towards the start, they started the run…. we joined the pack and headed off.

It was slippy which was not surprising given it was minus 2 outside! 

As we’d arrived late, I had no time to sort my headphones out so they went in the pocket and I put my gloves on and just went with the flow. 

The route started with a downhill…. which doesn’t take a genius to know that it means a uphill to finish! 

It was a little strange not running with music, I was listening to the various conversations happening around me… a woman who had 4 kids, another who was proud to have run 15 minutes without stoping and was looking forward to telling her husband, a bloke who was behind on his London Marathon training… I think this highlights the diverse experience of Parkrunners and whilst it was nice to hear the chatter chatter, I realised I like to be in the zone and listen to my music and ignore the outside world. 

Whilst I knew it was one small lap and a bigger lap, I had no concept of how long we’d been running or how long was left… it then dawned on me that I’m not only a control freak in my day to day life but also when running! I hated having no concept of where I was and what was left and even down to how far near the back I was…. a bizarre feeling.

I need to relax a bit and chill out, when I’m out with Claire, I know I’m in safe hands and don’t question it or the route… strange really.

I digress… as I came to the final corner and the hill upto the finish, I heard my wife and my eldest sister cheering for me… this was great, it’s rare for me to run with any of my siblings so it was good. As I finished I knew I’d gone at a steadyish pace and reviewing my stats showed that I had paced well in miles 2 and 3 and achieved my 2nd fastest 5k… so two super quick (for me anyway!) runs in one week. 

Could I have gone faster had I had my music and relaxed into the run more… I think so… the elusive sub 42 minute 5k now awaits and I need to find a fast flattish parkrun to do it in 😀

We are now 5 weeks to Brighton and the lead up runs are going to consist of 2 long runs and a 10k race along with my weekly sessions with Claire and mid week runs. Whilst I’m nervous about it, I know I can do it, even if I had to walk part of it.

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