4 weeks to go to Brighton and longest run so far

On Sunday I completed my longest run ever… my last longest was 9.1miles and I did this back in December. Obviously since then I’ve been injured and had 3 weeks off but now I’m definitely back. 

I set off with the go to Parkrun, do Parkrun (and a bit) and then run back in my mind and whilst it was a little icy under foot, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. This may have helped but my run to the park was nice and controlled if a little fast and it’s great then running in the park knowing that I’d already run that far was great. I struggled running up the hill in Pontefract Park but I kept going. I tried eating sweets to get the energy boast and they did give me a boost up that hill. The relief when I got to the top was great.

Three laps around the lake as I knew I needed to get to 7 miles before leaving the park knowing that it was 3 miles from the park to home.

I ran out of the park and as I crossed the road I bumped into my wife who was also doing her long run, quick bit of water and a kiss and then I was off again. This was probably one of the hardest miles as it was up hill, properly up hill, not just a little one! 

I got a bit more momentum after mile 8 and that kept me going and then I was clock watching waiting for 10 miles to tick over! When it did, I stopped. Relieved that I’d done it but dreaded the last bit of the walk back to the house. My legs felt like jelly so stopped and stretched on the bench and that made a fantastic difference.

Got home and stretched and rehydrated, boy was I thirsty. I’ve now bought a water belt so I can now take water with me… I don’t want to be in a position whereby I’m reliant on the water stations in the Brighton Half, I need to be able to have water when I need not when someone thinks I need it!

Below are my Strava stats:

I’m impressed with my time although in reality, for me, it’s now about how long it takes, it’s actually being able to get the distance in my legs.

The morning after of course, whilst I can relish in the fact that I’ve run a long run, my legs aren’t so happy about it all, sore is an understatement and I was certainly looking forward to my yoga session last night ๐Ÿ˜€

After lots of stretchs and sounds of ‘is it wrong that that feels so good’ my legs this morning are much better, hoping that by tomorrow it’ll be as if my legs haven’t done anything just in time for a run on Thursday and then Mad dog 10k on Sunday… my first race this year… be good to get some bling ๐Ÿ˜€

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