Why I love Ukrunchat hour 😀

Being a relative novice to running and being someone who loves to know what’s happening and pick up snippets of information, ukrunchat appealed. 

For a few weeks I’ve watched as a bystander as and when I could remember it was happening, now I comment to my wife it’s #Ukrunchat time… yes i know on a Wednesday and Sunday evening I will be staring at my phone and sporadicly  chuckling to myself or reading tweets to my wife detailing running tips we never knew. 

I’ve learnt about protein bars, which I had my first after my 10k today and it was great, I’ve never felt so great after a run 😀 and some fun looking races… I’ve even plucked up the courage to not only post my own comments but also reply to a few others… 

Ukrunchat is fab and a great online community for all levels of runners, get a cuppa and join in 😀

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