Post Brighton reflection

As I look up at my bling hung up on the wall, I get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling as my achievements are plain to see to everyone, well ok me, the wife and the cats 😀

It amazing the whirlwind of emotions having completed the race… from I’m gonna be sick to where’s my bling to I can’t walk, never doing that again to I’m super proud and to the final stage of… which one is next?! A little scary really! Yes I am contemplating another and already have my eye on the Limassol half for 2018! 

I’m now race + 3 days and whilst I can walk without looking too much like John Wayne, I have managed to end up with a sore chest, a really annoying cough and a general feeling of feeling a bit pants! 

In all honesty I think it’s more my bodies way of telling me to chill out after the hectic build up. One thing is for sure I’m looking forward to a chilled out weekend with a little bit of Parkrun Volunteering 😀

I feel like I want to go for a run but with my chest feeling tight, it’s not an option, so I’m taking this much needed time to chill out.

Whilst I’m just about to enter a few more races for later on in the year, the main thing for me and my main focus needs to be speed and weight loss. 

I’d love a sub 40 minutes 5k and to reduce my 10k time but this will take hard work and strengthing my legs whilst improving on speed through intervals. 

Here’s to the next chapter….

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