Reality check with a cuppa

It’s been 2 weeks since Brighton half and I’ve not been running since…. yes I’ve wanted too especially with the recent sunny weather but I still have the lurgy which started two days after the race…. I won’t go into the lurgy details but I’m hoping my wife doesn’t catch it. 

In fairness I’ve been quite lucky this winter and have managed to escape all the other lurgy, so I guess this is catch up!

I’m procrastinating and I need to get real… having struggled for the last 6 months, it can’t go on anymore. No more excuses and time to get back in the zone. 

Today is the day I get that kick up the arse and get going again.

This morning I weighed myself… 238lb i.e 17 stone, I’ve put a stone back on this last 6 months, I’m not shocked as I knew I had but I’m just annoyed with myself. 

This evening it’s sit down time with Claire to work out a new plan and how to refocus (no pressure!). 

So a new day and a renewed focus on me and my ongoing health…. wish me luck! 

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