It’s 8:13 in the morning and I’m sat at the train station waiting for a train to London for meetings… it’s gonna be a long day but at least I’m happy in the knowledge that at 6:15 this morning the wife and I went for a run together…. now this is a rare thing as I’m much slower than she is but she needed to take it slower due to her hips and problems she’s recently been having. 

We went for a run to the end of the village and back (1.6m) to make sure we didn’t go too far for her hips but to be honest after my HIIT session on Monday night, I’m still broken! (More about that later!)

What was nice was that we had a little chat and whilst we were going slow for her, we were actually going quick for me. Which was a nice opportunity to push a little harder. I could’ve gone further but today was more about getting up and going than anything else. Due to this weeks work diary I was struggling to fit in a mid week run. This was the only solution. My thought process being it’s better to go even for a short run than not to go at all. 

It was also a tester as I’m now waiting on a train. I know, in future, with a little determination I could do 5k and catch the 8:30 train. Now isn’t that a fantastic feeling? How often this will happen is anyone’s guess but it’s nice to know.

So back to Monday morning (7:30am session!) and my session with Claire… this week, after a few weeks of having specific goals, full control was given to Claire. This is a big thing but I went with the flow…. 

Our warm up consisted of a lap around the lake (2.5k), yes I did just say warm up, given two weeks earlier I struggled to run around it! We then did HIIT / intervals of super fast sprinting. Apparently the sign of me working hard is not being able to talk straight after it, which to be fair Claire acheived quite quickly… boy was it hard but boy did I feel like I had worked hard too… on the immediate drive home I was bouncing, loved it and was super pumped knowing that I’d done an early morning session. After a bit of breakfast and a much needed shower, I was a domestic goddess, then came the crash and the need for a mid morning nap 😀

I can’t say I’ve not suffered from stiffness but whilst it’s hurt, it’s certainly a sign my body worked hard and feeling the benefits. 

I feel like I’m back in the zone exercise wise with the last week consisting of runs on Sunday and Wednesday, session with Claire on the Thursday and yoga on the Friday, then Claire Monday and a run this morning. Parkrun is all planned and arranged for Saturday. 

Just need my food to get right! 

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