May challenge ✅

This months challenge was to go for a run in Central Park during our trip to New York and after booking a running tour with City Running Tours before we came away we were all set, all we had to do was to be awake in time!

We’d booked a 4 mile, stop for photos, private tour in Central Park.

Communication beforehand was great, we were informed that our guide would be David and he would bring water for us and take photos as we ran…. 

We’d chosen Central Park so we could run like a New Yorker and experience the tranquility of the Park, plus it meant that by running there it would save a separate trip to visit!

Having walked over 23,500 steps on Sunday, our legs were slightly sore when we went to bed on Sunday evening and stiff when we woke up Monday morning! David was due to meet us at the hotel at 8am, but being awake from 4:30 it felt like lunchtime by the time we met him! Bloody jet lag.

After quick intros we were off, a nice leisurely pace down 6th avenue towards Central Park darting in and out of the rush hour commuters and taxis!

We got to the park in one piece and it was lovely, David explained some interesting facts and we even ran over the finish line for the New York marathon, the finish is uphill! We stopped for photos and little tip bits and had a fab time. 

We would never have gone for a run in New York had we not booked this tour, it’s the uncertainty of not knowing where you are going.

We ran back to the hotel and clocked just over 4 miles, or 3 according to my Strava app but that’s a story for another day!

So May challenge all complete and now onto my next challenge… the Darrington 5 mile race next month!

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